Cheque Cashing with Loans 2 Go

Need to cash a cheque? Loans 2 Go can help! Receive your money immediately when you cash a cheque with us, subject to our requirements being met. This can be an ideal alternative compared to visiting your bank which can often take much longer.

Or perhaps you may choose to cash a cheque if you do not have a bank account? There are plenty of reasons to cash a cheque with Loans 2 Go.

1. Find your local store via our Branch Locator
2. Visit your local branch; bring the cheque you would like to cash along with your ID and proof of address.
3. If our requirements are met, we can cash your cheque; and you could receive your money right away, after deducting our handling fee and a percentage of the cheque.

  • Valid photo ID
  • Valid Proof of Address (dated within 3 months)
  • Valid proof of age – you must be at least 18 years old
  • The cheque
  • Drawer’s details or entitlement document

We charge 5.99% of the cheque value plus a £3.50 handling fee.
For example, if you cash a £100 cheque with us, we charge a rate of £5.99 plus £3.50 handling fee.
You would receive £90.51.

We can cash cheques drawn by a company or individual but cannot cash cheques where payee is a Ltd company.
Please note, the maximum value cheque we can cash is £10,000