Top Tips for an Easter Egg hunt with a difference!

Even though Easter is quite late this year – Sunday 17th April – it will be here before we know it.

So why not do a bit of advance planning and have the best Easter Egg hunt ever?

In this article we look at some inspiring Easter Egg hunt ideas for children of all ages, including the adults! Most will work either indoors or outside, so everyone should be able to have fun whatever the weather.

Easter egg hunts for young children

One of the first decisions you need to make is whether you are going to hide chocolate eggs, or fillable eggs to hold items of your choice. 

Fillable eggs can be bought from most large supermarkets, department and craft stores. Unfortunately they are often plastic. If you prefer to use another material – for example wood, metal or papier mache – it’s worth looking at alternative online outlets such as Etsy and Not on the High Street. 

Another option is to use something different from eggs. For example, small cardboard boxes, paper bags or jewellery bags made from material such as organza or satin. These items can be purchased in bulk from retailers like Amazon.

Here are a few ideas for Easter egg hunts with chocolate eggs, and with fillable eggs:

Chocolate eggs

The trick here is to make sure that you keep a note of where all the eggs are so that they all get found and none get left behind. For very young children you may want to ease the process by putting balloons or other kinds of markers to show where the eggs are hidden. But for other children there are a couple of more interactive games that can work well.

Warmer / colder

Simply hide lots of small eggs in different places around your home and/or garden. Show the children where to start looking, perhaps using different starting points for each child. 

You just then need to help each child to find eggs by using the words “warmer” and “colder” as they get closer to or further away from the eggs. Or you may prefer to choose different words, depending on the childrens’ interests. For example if they love Andy’s Adventures you could shout “Andy” when they are near an egg or “Dinosaur” if they are moving away from it. 

Find the most eggs

A less structured hunt similar to the above is to hide small eggs and just let the kids loose. Perhaps run it as a timed competition to see who wins the most.

To avoid tears and tantrums, it’s a good idea to have different prizes at the end. Not just for the most eggs, but also for other worthy performances such as the most energetic participant, or the child who was first to find an egg.

Fillable eggs

If you are using fillable eggs, you have complete control over what you put inside. It doesn’t have to be sweets. Here are a couple of ideas to try:

Fun instructions

Put instructions in the egg for the child to follow. For example, some kind of exercise move such as hopping like a bunny, doing a somersault or touching their toes. Then they will get a prize for doing this.


Put lego or jigsaw pieces in the egg, then at the end of the egg hunt, the children can have more fun by putting together the model or jigsaw.


In each egg put a slip of paper that either tells them the prize they are going to get, or entitles them to choose from a selection of prizes.

Easter egg hunts for older children and teenagers

Older children and teenagers are likely to deem an Easter egg hunt uncool, but there are various ways of getting round this.

Team relay

Hide various eggs beforehand. Split the children into two or more teams and get the first member of each team to search for an egg and bring it back to their team. Then the next member of each team goes searching. 

The game continues until either an agreed time is upe, or you declare all eggs to have been found. There will be team prizes as well as the eggs they find.


Instead of sweets, use fillable eggs that contain various privileges that will be of interest to them. For example:

Pizza and movie night.

  • Late bedtime.
  • More phone credit.
  • Cinema trip.
  • Friends round for a sleepover.

They could be allowed to trade privileges if you are happy for them to do this.


An Easter egg hunt with clues can be great fun. Start them off with one clue that leads to a place with the next clue – and perhaps also a Creme egg – until the final clue leads to the main prize. 

You could make the Easter egg hunt more high tech by using QR codes for clues rather than writing them out in words. You can do this by using a QR code generator and then either printing out the code or by numbering the eggs and getting them to text you when they find a numbered egg and you text back the relevant QR code.

Easter egg hunts for adults

There is no need for the adults to feel left out. It is easy to organise an Easter quiz using online resources. You could have either small eggs or other treats as prizes at various stages. Or give them raffle tickets for everything they win along the way, with a small raffle held after the quiz or game is finished.

An alternative is to play board games or traditional party games with prizes for each one. 

We hope that this article has given you some ideas and inspiration for family Easter fun. Even better, none of them will cost a fortune. Though if you do have other Easter plans and need a financial boost, remember that Loans 2 Go offer quick loans that may be able to help.

Just be aware that whatever you decide to do, your Easter egg hunt will need a fair amount of advance preparation away from prying eyes! Which means you will probably need either to sort things out the night before, get up very early in the morning, or find someone else to distract the kids – ideally take them out somewhere else – while you get organised.

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