So how will you celebrate the Platinum Jubilee?

As you most probably know by now, 2022 is the year in which Queen Elizabeth II will celebrate 70 years on the throne. She is the first British monarch ever to do so. The previous longest reign was Queen Victoria, who reigned for 63 years and 7 months.

In honour of this historic landmark, there will be a special four-day Bank Holiday weekend from Thursday 2nd to Sunday 5th June. Spring Bank Holiday Monday, which is usually the last Monday in June, will be moved to Thursday 2nd June 2022 and the new, additional bank holiday will be on Friday 3rd June.

This gives you two main choices as to how to celebrate the Jubilee. Either stay at home and enjoy the various events that will be happening during this time, or take advantage of the long break to go away somewhere else. If you normally work Thursday and Friday, you only need to take the previous three days off to snatch a whole 9 days off work!

So let’s take a look at some options for celebrating the Platinum Jubilee – home or away.

Celebrate the Platinum Jubilee at home

The Platinum Jubilee presents a wonderful opportunity to get together with family and friends, particularly after the last couple of years of pandemic restrictions. There will be many central events that you can enjoy together as part of these celebrations. These include:

Thursday 2nd June
The Queen’s Birthday Parade, including Trooping the Colour and an RAF flypast.Lighting of beacons in the UK, Overseas Territories, and Commonwealth

Friday 3rd June
Service of Thanksgiving at St Paul’s Cathedral.

Saturday 4th June
The Derby at Epsom Downs.
Platinum Party at The Palace – live concert from Buckingham Palace.

Sunday 5th June
The Platinum Jubilee Pageant – a London-based creative festival.The Big Jubilee Lunch . . .

The Big Jubilee Lunch

On Sunday 5th June, many neighbourhoods will also be organising street parties as part of the Big Jubilee Lunch. Communities are being encouraged to celebrate the Jubilee together. 

If you want to organise a street party for the Big Jubilee Lunch, here are a few helpful tips for you:

  • Your street party – and any related publicity – should only include residents and neighbours. It is not a public or open event.
  • You don’t need special permission or formal risk assessment to hold a street party between Thursday 2nd June to Sunday 5th June, although it’s a good idea to register your event with your local council..
  • You only need a licence for your event if you are selling alcohol; in which case you may also need a Temporary Events Notice from the council.
  • However, if you want a road closure then you need to contact your local council 6 weeks in advance to let them know where and when the road closure will take place. 
  • If it is too late to organise a road closure, the alternative is to have a “street meet” on driveways or front gardens, as long as it does not obstruct other pedestrians.
  • On the day itself it is helpful to recruit a few people to take turns to organise a few activities for the children. This ensures that they are safe and supervised, and also prevents them getting bored while the adults enjoy themselves.
  • More ideas for your street party, plus various resources, are available from The Big Jubilee Lunch website.


Celebrate the Platinum Jubilee away

If you do decide to go away either for the long Platinum Jubilee weekend, or the whole of the half term week, the sooner you get it organised the better. Don’t leave it till the last minute! Many others are likely to be having the same idea so you need to get something sorted.

Whether you plan to travel within the UK or abroad, you will probably have to pay the full cost of your holiday now, as you are within 12 weeks of travel. If you need some help with this, remember that Loans 2 Go offer quick loans that may be able to help.

Also make sure you take out good travel insurance as soon as you book your holiday. Don’t leave it till later just in case anything goes wrong before you get around to it. Look for a travel insurance policy that covers you for:

  • Cancellation, including Covid-related;
  • Travel disruption and delays;
  • Medical treatment whilst away;
  • Medical emergencies – including the cost of flying you home if needed;
  • Loss, theft and damage to your luggage and other belongings.

Once you have sorted out payment and insurance, you can relax and begin to look forward to your Platinum Jubilee holiday!

We hope that the above information helps you to decide whether to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee at home or away, and gives you some useful ideas as to how to get those celebrations started!

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