The most unusual things for rent in 2021

Tips from Loans 2 Go on how to save money by renting; and we’re not talking accommodation! 

One of the most talked about aspects of the recent marriage between Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his now wife Carrie Symonds is that she rented her wedding dress. The designer gown would have cost almost £3000 to buy, but she apparently rented it for £45.

The advantage of renting a wedding dress is that you are probably only going to wear it once. So, as long as you don’t mind wearing a dress that others have worn, by renting it you can still have a beautiful dress but save money. A lot of money!

But wedding dresses are just one of the many items that you can rent in 2021 instead of buying. In this article we take a look at five of these items.


Save money on clothes

Wedding dresses aren’t the only item of clothing that you can rent. Websites such as Hurr enable you to rent a wide range of clothing. These websites offer fast delivery and free returns, and the rental fees usually include dry cleaning and insurance just in case anything goes wrong.

So if you need something for a special occasion but don’t have a lot of money to spend, renting clothes could be a great way to look your best and save money in the process.

You could also consider renting out your own clothes via one of these websites if you have some good quality clothing that you don’t often wear.


Save money on space

We all know that you can rent accommodation, either permanently or on a holiday basis. But there are many other kinds of space that you can rent as well.

For example:

  • Storage space

If you need a bit of extra storage space, as well as the commercial organisations that offer this, have a look around locally. There may be someone nearby with a garage or shed space available. Try local social media pages or websites such as Rent Not Buy.

  • Parking space

If you commute by car, renting a parking space near your work or the station can really help you to save money. It also saves you the time and hassle of looking for a parking space every day. Check out websites such as Just Park or Park on My Drive to see parking spaces available for regular or one-off rental.

  • Party space

If you want to host a garden party or other outdoor event, but don’t have the space, there are websites such as Borrow My Garden that can help. This could work out cheaper than hiring a complete venue, and still enable you to have the flexibility over your own catering etc.


Save money on baby and children’s equipment

Every parent knows how expensive it is to have children, and how you always underestimate the amount of equipment you need. The problem is that a lot of things are only used for a relatively short time, and then you either don’t need them any more or need to get a larger version. For example:

  • Car seats
  • Prams
  • Pushchairs
  • Cots
  • Play pens
  • High chairs.

But did you know that there are many websites where you can rent all of the above items and more? Whether it’s something you need for a couple of weeks or a couple of months, you could save money by renting rather than buying. There are a growing number of websites such as The Baby Loft where you can rent baby equipment. Also check out toy rental websites such as Whirli, which enables you to pay a regular subscription in return for borrowing different toys for as long as you want to.


Save money on tools

Many of us have the experience of spending money on tools that we need for something, only to use them once and have them sit in the shed or garage forever after. Renting tools is a great alternative that can help you to get what you need when you need it, and save money in the process. 

Many commercial operators, such as HSS and Jewson, operate tool hire services. But also check out your local community to see if there are any local tool share schemes. Growing local initiatives such as The Library of Things aim to offer a wide range of domestic items for people to borrow for free.


Save money on musical instruments and photographic equipment

If you or a family member want to take up a musical instrument, or another creative hobby such as photography, one of the factors that can really be off putting is the cost. But renting the instrument or equipment you need is a really good way to get started. You can see if the desire is just a phase, or whether it is something that you love and are going to stick to. In which case it may be worth investing in your own gear. 

But for beginners take a look at websites such as Fat Llama to see if there is something you could hire short term that will give you a chance to give your new hobby a go without a huge financial commitment.


We hope that this article has given you an insight into the kinds of things that you can rent in 2021, which may be able to help you save money.

Check back here soon for more lifestyle and financial tips from Loans 2 Go.