Staycation 2020? How to have fun & stay safe!

Great ideas to have fun and save money this summer…


Lockdown restrictions may be easing but many of us will not be going away anywhere on holiday this summer. Perhaps you are still worried about the risks of travelling during the pandemic, or don’t have either the time or money to go on holiday. But even so, you can make the most of summer by enjoying Staycation 2020.

The term “staycation” is used in different ways by different people. Some use it to describe a holiday in the UK, where you travel to a different part of the country and stay away from your home. Others use it to describe having time off just staying at home but going out for lots of day trips.

Either way, you can have a lot of fun on a staycation, and save money as well.

Let’s look at some ideas for a great Staycation 2020.


Places to go for day trips

Most family entertainment venues are now open, though some will have certain Covid-related restrictions which we shall look at shortly. But if you want to visit any kind of theme park, outdoor activity centre, zoo or safari park, National Trust or English Heritage site, museum or gallery then it should now be open. However, indoor soft play areas are still currently closed.

More than ever though, it is always worth checking with the venue before you go. There may be shorter opening hours or they may insist on pre-booking rather than just turning up. You also need to be confident about the availability of parking and toilet facilities.

If you want some ideas for places to visit then check out our previous Top Ten Days Out series; a set of articles about great family days out in different parts of the country: 

Of course, you don’t have to go to a specific venue such as these to have a great day out. You can have just as much fun – and save money – by planning a simple family trip to a park, the open countryside or a beach. Pack plenty of food and drink, and games equipment to keep everyone entertained. Just remember to check about parking etc before you go. Also make sure that you pack something you will enjoy too, whether it’s music or a magazine or that brand new bestseller you’ve been looking forward to.


Holiday accommodation

Most holiday accommodation is now open and you may still be able to book something for a few days away, if this is possible for you. A great choice for families at this time is self-catering accommodation, for example cottages, chalets or holiday parks. Any of these types of accommodation would enable you to stay in a different part of the country but still have your own independent accommodation that does not necessitate too much contact with other people. 

Also, you may well be able to get a good last minute deal as holiday companies are obviously very keen to get as much business as they can. So as well as having a great time with your family, you should be able to save money whilst playing your part in helping to boost the economy again. Win win!


Staying safe

All the family entertainment venues referred to above have had to introduce a range of measures to make sure that people are kept as safe as possible from the continuing risk of Covid-19. So when you do visit these places, be aware that there will be measures in place so that they don’t come as a surprise.

You can expect to see any combination of the following measures:

  • Advance booking required
  • Limited numbers of visitors
  • Restricted time allowed
  • One-way systems
  • Stopping allowed at designated points only
  • Only one person a time in toilets
  • Staff wearing visors or behind plastic screens
  • Visitors required to wear face masks
  • Social distancing rules strictly adhered to
  • Payment by contactless card only

Whilst some of these measures can initially feel strange for the kinds of environments we are talking about, you will soon get used to them and will still be able to have a great day out. Just be prepared in advance so that you know what to expect and can then get on with enjoying your staycation.


We hope that you have a fantastic staycation this summer and that you and your family stay safe.

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