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Emergency Cash Loans

Sometimes – for whatever reason – you simply run out of money! Circumstances change, life happens, and suddenly there is no money left and it’s still a few days to payday. What can you do?

Most people would immediately think of looking for an emergency cash loan from somewhere, but this might not always be the best way forward. What else can you try?

Have you thought about…

Firstly, could you survive for a few days without cash by trading favours with friends and family? Is there someone who could feed you for a few days in return for you doing some jobs for them such as decorating or technical help?

If not, then do you have a skill that you could market locally to raise some cash? Something like cleaning, garden clearing, DIY or odd jobs etc? Or babysitting or dog walking if you have the experience and references?

If you don’t have the skills or ability to do that then are there things that you can sell to raise cash? There are websites such as eBay and Gumtree where you can sell anything and everything! Or more specialist sites such as WeBuyBooks, Music Magpie and Ziffit to sell books/CDs/DVDs. There are other opportunities locally such as car boot sales, local Internet selling sites or adverts in local newspapers and shop windows. Some goods such as jewellery can also be sold to shops for instant cash.

You can also raise money on a temporary basis by using pawnbrokers who will accept items such as electronic equipment, computer and video games, jewellery, cameras, and musical instruments in return for temporary cash. Once you have some money you can pay back the cash plus agreed interest and receive your item back again.

Also remember to check what you have lying around at home! You may find unused goods that you can return to a store or foreign currency that you could exchange or odd bits of cash here and there in bags, drawers, pockets, or even down the side of the sofa!

How Loans 2 Go could help

If after careful consideration you still do want to go for an emergency cash loan then choose wisely who you borrow from. Ensure that you know the rate of interest you will be paying as this is likely to be high unless you pay the money back quickly. So even as you’re taking out the emergency cash loan, it’s best to have a plan that will enable you to pay it back as soon as possible as that will save you money in interest!

If you need to discuss your needs with a lender who will listen then get in touch with us at Loans 2 Go. We will never encourage you to take on more debt but will do our best to help.

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