Your best Easter Egg hunt ever! No matter the age…

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Easter is fast approaching and there is nothing children like more than an Easter Egg hunt: apart from eating the eggs of course!

But a really good Easter Egg hunt needs a bit of advance planning. For the clue-based games you can prepare these in advance, and for all games you will need to find a time when you can hide eggs and clues – away from prying eyes!

So why not start planning it all now so that the whole family can have fun on Easter Sunday? Here are some ideas for children of all ages to enjoy:


Younger Children

An easy and fun Easter Egg hunt for younger children – up to around 4-5 years old – is just to hide lots of eggs in a fairly confined area and let them have a good look round. If they are a bit slow at finding them then you can give them encouragement along the way. Why not agree code words in advance – perhaps based on their favourite TV show? So if Peppa Pig is all the rage then you could shout “Peppa” when they are near an egg or “George” if they are moving away from it.

Give the children a basket or bag to put them in; and make sure you keep track of where all the eggs are so that none get left behind!


Older Children

A slightly more challenging version of the above is to hide eggs in a wider area which could include outside if the weather is kind. If you have several children playing then you could use different types or colours of eggs and have each child look for a specific kind of egg.

This hunt could either be left to go on until all eggs are found, or you could time it to see who find the most within that time. If you do a timed version then perhaps give an additional prize for the winner but then let all the children work together – with clues as needed – to make sure that all the original eggs are found and given to the person who was collecting that type of egg.



Teenagers may claim that an Easter Egg hunt is not cool, but they will love it really! Make it more interesting by creating a clue-based egg hunt. Hide eggs around the home and outside then write a clue for each egg location. You can then run the egg hunt in one of two ways.

The first is to gather everyone together for each clue. Ask it like a quiz question, then let them race off to find the egg. As soon as someone finds it, they get that egg and everyone reassembles for the next clue.

Another way to do this one is to give participants the first clue. Then when they find that, the second clue will be with the egg, and so on. This means that they need to work their way through each clue at a time in order to be able to find the next egg. If you have a couple of teenagers playing then they can work as a team and share the spoils, but if you have more than that then it may be best to have two or more different sets of clues and egg locations for them to work through to avoid squabbles breaking out!



Just so the adults are not left out, why not organise an Easter quiz or game for them as well? There are lots of quizzes online that you could download and use, and you could have either small eggs or other treats as prizes at various stages. An alternative is to play board games or perhaps traditional party games with an egg as the prize for each one.


We hope that the above ideas help you and your family to have fun together this Easter. Check back here soon for more financial and lifestyle tips from Loans2Go.