Five ways to save money on fuel this winter!

Well that was a surprise! The fuel shortage that hit us in October seemed to be totally unexpected. And in fact we were repeatedly reassured throughout that there was, in fact, enough fuel to go round. It just wasn’t getting to the forecourts.

Even though the situation now seems to have improved, it is worrying to realise how quickly things can deteriorate in our society. We are used to the things that we need being available, and then suddenly they aren’t. 

So even though we can get fuel again now, perhaps in the back of our minds is the thought that it could happen again quite easily. Which makes us think are there ways that we can manage with less fuel if we need to?

In this article we look at five ways to use less fuel and save money on fuel this winter.


Five ways to save money on fuel

1. Try to use your car less

Using your car less is an obvious way of saving fuel. But how practical is it?

Here are five ways you might be able to do it:

  • Could you combine various errands into one journey?
  • Could you walk or cycle where you are going?
  • Could you use public transport for your journey?
  • Is it possible to car share with others?
  • Is your journey essential? For example, if it’s for a meeting could it be done online instead?


2. Shop around for best deals on fuel

Even in the same local area, there can still be a big difference between fuel prices. So it can definitely save money if you are prepared to shop around for fuel.

Look particularly for supermarket promotions, including those offered as loyalty card vouchers. Also check out websites such as that can help you to find the cheapest petrol stations in your area. 

Also be careful about how often you fill up. You always want to have plenty of fuel in your tank so that you never have to panic and buy more expensive fuel than you would normally. But many experts recommend that you don’t fill your tank completely as this means your car is carrying more weight, and using fuel faster.


3. Look after your car well

Did you know that your rate of fuel consumption can be affected by how well your car is maintained? In particular you should take car to ensure that:

  • Your tyres are inflated to the correct pressure;
  • All your oils and fluids are topped up as needed.

Don’t overload your car. Every bit of extra weight uses more fuel. So take your roof rack and roof box off when not in use. Leaving them on can create wind resistance and cause your car to use more fuel. This increases the faster you drive.


4. Drive in a way that conserves fuel

There are various things that you can do when driving to reduce the rate at which our cars consume fuel. So by being aware of these, and making good decisions when you drive, you could easily reduce your fuel consumption and save money:

  • Reduce your speed

Excessive speed is the one of the biggest culprits in wasting fuel. If you avoid driving too fast, you can save up to as much as 10-25% in your fuel consumption. So keep an eye on your speed and you could save money.

  • Use defensive driving

Excessive braking and accelerating can use more fuel than smooth consistent driving. Smoother driving is also known as ‘defensive driving’. It is viewed as a safer way of driving, and could help you save money on insurance costs if you have a black box device in the car.

  • Economise on heating and air conditioning

Don’t overuse heating or air conditioning. Both can drastically increase fuel consumption, especially at low speeds.


5. Consider going electric

In our recent article Changing your car? Should you go electric? we discussed the UK target of 2030 for banning the sale of petrol and diesel cars. So at some stage you will need to change over to an electric car. 

With an electric car there are no fuel costs, so it is a definite way to save money on fuel! 

You can read more about the advantages and disadvantages of electric cars in our article.


We hope that this article helps you to find various ways to save money on fuel this winter.

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