Have a great Bank Holiday Monday for free!

Money saving tips from Loans 2 Go…

The last Bank Holiday of the summer is fast approaching and you are probably giving some thought as to what to do?

The problem is that everything is so expensive. The minute you start thinking about having a day out anywhere, you can just hear those tills ringing in your ears – and visualise your money rapidly disappearing.

So here are five money saving ideas for this Bank Holiday Monday. Things that you can do without spending any extra money. We’re assuming that you would spend money on food whatever you were otherwise doing that day, and if you were at work anyway, there would be some costs in travelling there. But we promise that the ideas below won’t cost you a single penny more than that!


  • Flog It!

This is a fun family project that can quite easily occupy the whole Bank Holiday weekend. First of all look for a local car boot sale on Bank Holiday Monday. There will be various special events running with it being the last Bank Holiday of the summer. Check out events near you, for example on the site Car Boot Junction

Saturday can then be spent decluttering the house and Sunday getting organised for the sale. Sort everything into categories – for example toys, electrical gadgets, furniture, garden, clothes and shoes, jewellery and accessories, ornaments, books, CDs and DVDs. Get the car packed in a logical way – not forgetting to make sure that tables are easy to get out first.

Then on Monday set off really early to get a good position at the sale. Bear in mind that most car boot sales start admitting sellers well before the advertised time. Get in and get your stall set up and laid out attractively. Don’t be distracted by other sellers trying to rummage through your stuff: be firm and tell them to come back when you are ready to start selling.

If you can do all the above then hopefully on Bank Holiday Monday you can have fun working together as a family, getting rid of a load of clutter, and making some extra cash. Even if you do then go and blow it all on a slap up pub lunch as a reward for all your efforts! You will be no worse off and your home will look much better.


  • Get out in the fresh air

Fresh air costs nothing. So why not pack a picnic and head off for a nice long walk. Where possible try and go somewhere in your area so that you don’t need to get in the car at all and can avoid the Bank Holiday traffic. Whether you head for a local park, your nearest woods or lake, or can make it to the beach, you can get some exercise and fresh air, then stop for food whenever you are all ready for a break.

You may want to team up with one or more other families to do this, then build in some games for the children to enjoy while you kick back with a beer or two.

Whatever you choose, enjoy making the most of England’s green and pleasant land before we drift into autumn.


  • Festival frolics

Festivals have come a long way since the early heady days of Woodstock and The Isle of Wight! Nowadays there are thousands of festivals and special events across the UK covering every type of interest and activity. And the good news is that many of them are free. 

Below is a representative list of the kind of festivals and events you might be able to find near you this Bank Holiday Monday – and they are all free unless indicated!


  • Soak up some culture

Isn’t it funny how when you live in or near a place, you never get around to visiting all the attractions that you would if you were a tourist? So why not make Bank Holiday Monday the day you change all that! There are bound to be museums or art galleries or stately homes and sites of historic interest near you, many of which are free to get into.

In London there are 23 free museums to visit, and every city or large town has something worth seeing. If you like historic buildings then check out your nearest National Trust or English Heritage sites. Many venues do not charge just for entering the grounds, and there is plenty to do and see there, plus good spots for picnicking.


  • Staycation

If just the thought of going out anywhere on Bank Holiday Monday is overwhelming then why not have a mini staycation? But plan a fun day in advance rather than just drifting into it and ending up with everyone getting bored and grumpy. 

Why not ask each member of the family to plan one activity during the day (though children may need a little help!). These could include:

  • BBQ
  • Cake or cocktail making – and sampling!
  • Favourite film
  • Treasure hunt or hide and seek
  • Traditional party games or board games
  • Arts and crafts
  • Gardening blitz – including getting the paddling pool out of course.


We hope that you have a wonderful Bank Holiday Monday and that the above money saving ideas help you to have fun without spending a penny more than you would on any other Monday.

 Check back here soon for more lifestyle and  money saving tips from Loans 2 Go.