Money saving ideas for Valentine’s Day on a budget!

Top Ten Money Saving Dates for Valentine’s Day…

So Christmas and New Year are behind us, and now the shops are filling the gaps on the shelves not only with Easter eggs but Valentine’s Day cards. Everywhere you look there is a sea of red, enticing you to spend yet more money to show you care.

Even though it’s a lovely idea, Valentine’s Day has inevitably become over-commercialised. This extends to many restaurants offering Valentine’s Day “specials” where often the only thing that is any different from normal is the inflated price!

So what do you do if you would like to do something truly special for Valentine’s Day but are not prepared to be ripped off?

Well here are our Top Ten money saving date ideas. You can have a great time without spending a fortune!


  • 1. Candlelit dinner


Ok this is a bit of an obvious one but why not create a romantic dinner for two at home? Prepare the food in advance so that there is as little as possible to do on the evening itself. Perhaps make a course each so that there is an element of surprise! But treat it as a special dinner rather than just a normal night. Get dressed up, light the candles, put on some great music and pour a glass of your favourite drink. Much better than paying high prices for an average meal in a noisy restaurant!


  • 2. Seize the day!


One great idea is to change the order of Valentine’s Day. Everything is busy and overpriced in the evening, so how about celebrating during the day? If you are able to take the day – or even part of the day – off work this opens up all kinds of possibilities. You could go out for a pub lunch at normal prices, perhaps combined with a city walk (see idea 3 below). You could even put together an outdoor picnic if the weather isn’t too awful and head for your nearest beach or open country. Snatching a few hours during the day could end up being a much better idea than trying to cram an outing into the evening.


  • 3. A city walk


Since the unexpected number one Christmas hit We Built This City, it feels like cities are big news again. But how many of us really know our nearest city particularly well? A city walk can be great fun either day or night, especially with a bit of forward planning to make sure you see all the major places of interest. It doesn’t have to cost a penny – you can even take your own refreshments so that you don’t have to buy anything. So why not create your own city tour?


  • 4. Movie night


If you prefer something more home-based then what about a movie night? It may be one of the latest films that you wanted to see but never got round to seeing at the cinema. Or an old favourite that never disappoints. So set up your own movie night at home, with all your favourite drinks and snacks. No interruptions allowed: just sit back and enjoy!


  • 5. Live music


If you prefer your entertainment live then hunt around your local area for what’s on. For example you are likely to find a local band playing or an open mic evening in a pub somewhere near you, and they will probably be glad of some support with everyone else being ripped off in average restaurants! So head out for an evening with a difference. And if you want to be really romantic why not prepare a song to sing to your better half should the opportunity arise?


  • 6. Be entertained


As well as live music there is generally a huge range of entertainment available in every locality that is either free or very reasonably priced. Look out for comedy evenings, film screenings, talks by local groups, museums, art galleries – there is plenty of fun to be had without spending a penny.


  • 7. Games night


Most people love playing games but don’t make the time to do it. So why not change all that on Valentine’s Day? Make the time to enjoy your favourite board games, card games or jigsaws. Or you may prefer to find a pub quiz and compete against others. Either way, find something that you both enjoy then set aside the evening to have fun doing it without feeling guilty!


  • 8. Time to get fit?


If your New Year resolutions to get fit have fallen by the wayside then why not resurrect them? You are more likely to stick to them if you do them together, so why not give something a try this Valentine’s Day? Depending on your tastes you might decide to go to the gym, swimming, get out for a walk or run or bike ride, or have a go at learning ballroom dancing ( try Youtube videos if there is no suitable class available). This could make for a very enjoyable evening and will also start you feeling fitter and stronger.


  • 9. Get reading


Reading to each other can be a really romantic thing to do, but many people are a bit shy about doing this. Whether it’s your favourite story or poem, love letters from some of the great writers, or even motivational quotes from the Internet, it can be an inspiring evening with a difference. Accompanied by a bottle of something nice and a few tasty snacks it could turn out to be a very sophisticated Valentine’s Date!


  • 10. Reminiscing


It is always fascinating to look back on how you met and your life together so far. Reflecting on both good and bad times can reinforce the things that you both love about each other. So why not spend time reminiscing: looking at old photos or listening to your favourite songs – and enjoy those memories.


We hope you enjoy whatever you decide to do this Valentine’s Day. If you like a few of the above ideas then why not try and do one each month so that you have something to look forward to above and beyond February 14th.

Check back here soon for more money saving ideas from Loans 2 Go.