Ten Tips to make Mum’s day – no matter the budget!

Money saving ideas for Mother’s Day from Loans 2 Go…

It will soon be Mother’s Day and – like most of us – you have probably left it till the last minute to organise something special for Mum.

The problem is that it is really too late now to book something. The popular places tend to fill up very early. Also many restaurants and pubs seem to hike their prices for special occasions such as Mother’s Day, so even if you do manage to get in somewhere you could end up spending a small fortune.

So what to do?

Well we’ve put together ten tips that will hopefully help you to rescue the situation and make Mum’s Day. And the other piece of good news is that none of them will break the bank!


  • Intimate lunch or dinner

Why not host a lovely meal instead of taking her out? (OK so you were too late to book but it could turn out for the best!). Choose the time of day that is best for Mum and host a meal to remember. Make sure that she has to do absolutely nothing and treat her like a princess from the minute she walks through the door. Prepare as much in advance as you can so that you can all relax and enjoy some special time together.


  • A day out

Instead of staying in, you could take Mum out for the day. With a bit of thought you should be able to identify either a place that she really loves and would like to go back to – or somewhere she has always wanted to go to but never has?  Whether you end up sightseeing in a city, visiting a stately home, or walking on the beach, there will be something that she will love. Don’t forget to pack drinks and snacks to take with you – or even a full picnic if the weather is looking kind.


  • The gift of time

It may sound corny but time is the most precious gift that you can give. So why not give Mum some home-prepared “vouchers” that set aside some time for just the two of you. For example you could plan a day together each month to do something nice, and put details of these on cards so that Mum will know what is happening when. Having some lovely things to look forward is always a boost, and will definitely make Mum’s day.


  • Practical presents

Many of us veer away from practical gifts because we’ve all heard the horror stories about hapless husbands buying their wives a vacuum cleaner or food mixer for Christmas – and suffering the consequences! But sometimes what Mum really needs is some practical help. So as well as the flowers and chocolates why not pledge to help her do something that really needs doing? If she has been mentioning needing a room decorating or the garden clearing or perhaps changing her car then commit to a date where you will help her get that done and put her mind at rest.


  • Throw her a party

We all love a party – but often Mum is the one that ends up organising it. So why not organise one for her? It’s too late to do it for Mother’s Day but if there is any other special occasion coming up then let her know you will get everything sorted. Again, it’s something to look forward to and you can ensure that it includes all her favourite people, music and entertainment.


  • Surprise family get together

As a variation on the above you could also arrange a surprise family get together. It can be so hard to get to see family as people start moving around – especially once the children leave the nest. Which means that when everyone does get together it is even more special. So why not get a date in the diary well in advance and get as many of you together as you can. You can give Mum a “save the date” card on Mother’s Day but try to keep the nature of the event a complete surprise until the day itself.


  • Film fest

Does your Mum like films? If so then one option is to take her to a new release that you know she will enjoy. Hopefully the cinemas will be fairly quiet on the afternoon of Mother’s Day so you could enjoy a film in relative peace and quiet, then bring her back home with you afterwards for something nice to eat and drink. Another variation of this would be to have a film fest in your own home, with a selection of her favourite films to choose from.


  • Home spa day

This is a spa day with a difference: Mum doesn’t have to leave the comfort of her own home. Start mid-morning with a champagne brunch – supplied by you of course! Then arrange for Mum to have some of her favourite treatments. You may be able to do some yourself, and perhaps you have a friend who can do nails or facials or massages who would be able to help?  Obviously you need to work around the plans of anyone else involved but if you organise this idea with a couple of friends and return the favour for them then it could work well. Put on Mum’s favourite music and keep the drink flowing and you are onto a winner!


  • Nostalgia Night

All of us likes to reminisce and look back on happy times. So why not organise a nostalgia night for Mum? We all have so much media in our lives but rarely get to sit down and enjoy it. So this Mother’s Day why not prepare an evening of happy memories? Get together in advance all the video footage and photos that you need to remind Mum of happy times. The sit down together with a glass of something lovely and enjoy reliving them. Make it even better by also giving her a photo album or digital photo frame with all the photos for her to keep enjoying long after Mother’s Day has passed.


  • Joint family gift

A really nice gift for Mum – especially if you are not able to be with her this Mother’s Day – is to club together with the rest of the family and get her a voucher for something she would really like to do. Whether it’s some kind of experience day, or a spa day, an afternoon tea or a night away in a lovely hotel. If a few of you share the cost then it should be affordable, and it’s something that Mum will really appreciate.

We hope that the above ideas can help you to plan something special for your Mum this Mother’s Day without breaking the bank. Check back here soon for more financial and lifestyle tips from Loans 2 Go.