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How to keep clothes looking just like new!

It’s so frustrating! You scrimp and save money to buy that item of clothing you simply love. But after a few washes something happens. It’s never the same again.

The weird thing is it’s not always related to how much you spent on the item. You can fork out a lot of money on something that you think will last. But once it’s been worn several times it never really looks as good. Yet something you bought locally that’s very cheap and cheerful just seems to last forever.

So what is the secret? Are there things that you can do to keep your clothes looking just like new? It would certainly help you to save money on replacing them.

Here are our five tips to do just that.


Tackle stains fast

You know the feeling. You’re just relaxing, either at home or when out for the evening, and something gets spilt on you. Tea, coffee, wine or food – the result is the same. A horrible stain on what is often your favourite item of clothing.

To fix this it’s really important to tackle it straight away. Our tendency is not to bother, but the longer it is before you try to get the stain out, the worse it will be. So if at all possible try at the very least to run the stained area under a tap or dab it with warm water. A small amount of neat washing up liquid can also work wonders. 

Once you are able to remove the garment we’d recommend washing it straight away. If you’re not able to do this then try to dab the stain gently with washing up liquid or stain remover until you can wash it properly.


Buy fabrics that are durable and easy to maintain

Wherever possible, choose fabrics that are long lasting and easy to maintain. For example, jersey, denim, polyester, polycotton and viscose. Many of these fabrics just need washing at a low temperature and can then be left to dry without having to be ironed. 

Most kinds of wool are also in this category, but it is better to wash them by hand..

Fabrics such as linen, crisp cotton and silk will need to be ironed carefully after washing. So if your time is precious and you don’t manage to get the iron out that often, try to minimise your use of these fabrics. You can reduce the amount of ironing needed by hanging your clothes to steam in the bathroom while you take a hot shower.


Wash less often and dry naturally

When sorting out your laundry, just be aware that we tend to wash things too often. Many fabrics benefit from not being overwashed. Obviously you want to avoid wearing clothes that are grubby or smell stale, but many garments can be freshened up just by hanging them up to air. Even better if you can do this in the fresh air and sunshine.

Overwashing, followed by overuse of tumble dryers, can cause clothing to become brittle and bobbled. Where possible, avoid the dryer and lay garments to dry flat in a well-ventilated area. If there is any bobbling this can be removed gently with a pilling brush.


Store clothes carefully

Many fans of Marie Kondo’s Tidying Up TV series have been converted to the concept of rolling your clothes instead of folding. It can save space and make things easier to find.

But whether you like to roll, fold or hang, it is really important to store clothes carefully. If you fold, make sure that you fold along the seams so that the garment doesn’t look creased when worn. If you hang clothes, choose good quality hangers – ideally wooden or padded – that will not leave dents or stretches in the garment.

When storing clothes remember to empty pockets to avoid misshaping or damage. Also do up zips and buttons so that the item is stored in its best possible shape and you avoid snagging.


Keep clothes in good repair

Every time you put clothes away, check whether anything needs repairing. This is one of these jobs that we all put off! But there is nothing more annoying than planning an outfit only to find at the last minute that it has a missing button or torn hem.

So check your clothes before you put them away, and if a repair needs doing, get it done as soon as possible. This ensures that the item is kept in circulation and you don’t avoid it because at the back of your mind you know it needs attention.


With a little bit of care and attention, you can keep your clothes in their best possible condition and ensure that you save money by using what you have rather than buying new things that you don’t really need.

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