The most common reasons for taking a loan?

Sort out your finances this spring with an unsecured personal loan from Loans 2 Go…

Spring is the season when we feel like making changes in various areas of our lives. Whether it’s changing job, moving home, improving our home, booking a holiday or buying a new car the possibilities are endless.

Except they’re not: because many of them cost money.

If you feel that your life is stuck in a rut and it’s money – or lack of it – that is holding you back then perhaps now is the time to get things sorted once and for all?

One way forward is to take out a loan to sort everything out. This is definitely worth considering as long as you are in a position to be able to repay it. When you are trying to sort out your finances the last thing you want to do is get into more debt and make matters worse. But there are various circumstances where a loan – for example an unsecured personal loan which is not secured on your home – can be a great help if they are used responsibly.

There are many misconceptions about what you can and can’t use a loan for. But the simple truth is that in today’s economy you can use a loan for any valid reason: the essential thing is that you are able to repay it.

Some of the most common reasons for taking a loan are:


If you are struggling with making various debt repayments each month then it can be simpler to take out a new unsecured personal loan to pay off all these existing debts and leave you with just one monthly payment to make. You would not be increasing your overall amount of debt, just re-organising it. Doing this would enable you to see more clearly how much debt you have left and how much it is reducing month by month. Also if you are able to make overpayments at any stage you will be able to chip away at your one remaining debt until it is gone.


  • Pay off credit cards

Even if you just have one credit card, it can be worth taking out a loan to pay it off. By doing this you are likely to be paying a better rate of interest and will clear your credit card debt more quickly. Otherwise you can find that your monthly repayments are only paying off the interest on the balance and that the balance itself is not actually going down. At this rate you might never pay it off! But with a loan to clear it and then fixed monthly repayments you will be clear of that debt in no time at all.


We mentioned home improvements earlier and spring is the time when everyone wants to do them! Whatever your home needs it is a good time to get things done. Investing in property is always a safe plan. If you decide to sell your home and move then you are making a wise decision by bringing it up to scratch. You are likely to get more money for it. And if you are staying in your home then you will be able to enjoy it without all those niggling things that are wrong with it.


  • House move

If you do decide to move home then this can be a great way to sort out your finances. Whether you are moving somewhere new and can get a better mortgage deal, or downsizing and releasing some cash to pay off your debts it can all be very positive. However there are always expenses involved in the process itself and some of these – for example removal expenses – may need to be paid up front. A loan could be the answer to this as it would enable you to pay these expenses then repay the loan back quickly once you have moved and the money is sorted.


  • Family event

Spring is also seems to be the time for family events. Whether you need to find money for a wedding, a special birthday or anniversary celebration – or to welcome the patter of tiny feet – a loan can help to tide you over when the need arises.


  • Medical, care or funeral expenses

Sadly there are also difficult circumstances in our lives and they are made more difficult by not having the money to cope with them. Financial stress is the last thing you need if you are facing medical treatment or need a carer for a family member or sadly have to pay for a family funeral. If there is such a need then a loan may help you to sort things out when you need to do so.


  • Car

Spring is the time when lots of us want to change our car. Whether you are buying new or second hand you may need a loan to make sure you can get the best deal: it could work out better for you than accepting the finance that a garage will offer.


  • Holiday

If you have been promising yourself a special holiday for sometime now but can’t quite meet the cost then a loan could be the answer. We live in uncertain times: none of us is getting any younger, and with plans for Brexit still up in the air no-one knows what is around the corner. So if you have the opportunity or the reason to travel then why not do it now while you still can?


  • Home emergencies

You never know what might go wrong at home! Ideally we will have money put aside for emergencies or those unexpected bills, but this is often not the case and some things just can’t wait. So if you do face any kind of domestic disaster and need some financial help, then a loan may be the answer.

Whatever your reason for needing a loan, you may be worried that your application will be rejected, particularly if you have experienced credit issues in the past. But at Loans 2 Go we treat each case on its merit. As a responsible lender we will not lend more money than we believe you can afford to repay: but nor will we hold previous credit problems against you if these are now resolved.

So why not take a look at our range of unsecured personal loans online or call us on 0330 400 0403. Let’s get spring started!