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top festival tips

Top ten tips for festival fun this summer

Festival season is upon us, and if you’re planning to go to a festival this summer, there is a lot to look forward to!

But going to a festival for the first time can feel quite daunting. So in this article we give you ten top festival tips for how to make the most of your experience this summer.


1. Travel smart

Don’t leave your travel plans till the last minute! You could risk either not being able to get tickets for public transport or paying higher prices.

If you are travelling by car, driving, check out the parking situation in advance so you know exactly where you have to go and whether you will need to pay. 

However you travel, it’s a smart move either to set out very early in the morning or travel the day before and stay nearby overnight. Not only does this avoid traffic queues and parking problems, but the earlier you get into the site the better pitch you’re likely to get for your tent.


2. Get to know the site

And once you’re there, try to take time to get to know the site, particularly if it’s your first time. You need to know where all the different stages are, and the best way to get to them from your tent. You also need to be familiar with the nearest toilets and showers, food stalls, first aid and emergency points.

It’s also a good idea to decide on a meeting place for your friends, so you can find each other if you get separated. You may want to agree to check in at certain times of the day just to keep in contact. Bear in mind that text messaging and calling sometimes do not work as well as they should if there are large groups of people trying to use these services simultaneously.


3. Be fully equipped

You will enjoy the festival so much more if you have the best equipment to keep you comfortable. This doesn’t mean taking out a personal loan to buy everything yourself. Instead, see if there are items you can borrow from family or friends just for the few days you need them.

The essential items you need are:

  • A tent

This is the most important item, and if possible try getting a tent that is bigger than you actually need so that you will have room to be comfortable and fit in all your stuff.


  • Sleeping bag

Get the best quality you can because you need to make sure it is warm enough in case the nights are chilly. And make sure it is waterproof just in case the rain seeps in. But experienced festival goers usually manage without a pillow: instead just take a pillowcase and stuff it with soft dry clothes.


  • Camping chair

This may seem a bit excessive, but after a couple of days of festivalling you will really appreciate somewhere comfortable to sit. And some smaller festivals also allow you to take your chair into the stage area.


  • Cooking stove

Even though there will be many food stalls at the festival, it’s a great idea to have your own facilities for making a hot drink or simple food whenever you feel like it. You will save money and won’t have to queue.


4. Useful little extras

As well as the above essential equipment, here are a few tips for useful little extras:

  • A mallet and gaffer tape

Two invaluable additions to your luggage! A simple mallet – whether rubber or plastic – will save so much time and frustration when putting your tent pegs into the ground. And gaffer tape is a festival hero product with multiple uses, including repairing any rips or tears in your tent and keeping the rain out.


  • Crockery and cutlery

After a while you will really appreciate being able to eat and drink using your own mug, plate and cutlery. Not only will everything taste much better than from disposable containers, but you will also feel more at home.


  • A torch and matches

A torch is essential for finding things in the dark and of course those night time trips to the loo. If your torch has batteries, remember to take some spares. Or look for a wind up torch that doesn’t need them. Matches are also useful to have at hand for all sorts of purposes including tea lights and cooking stoves.


  • A spare blanket

As well as your sleeping bag, a spare blanket is a nice extra touch. It can add an extra layer of warmth as you sleep and is also great to put around you if you are sitting outside at night.


  • Basic phone and phone charger

If you have an expensive smartphone that has your whole life on it, think carefully about whether you really want to take it to a festival. It could so easily get lost, damaged, or stolen. It may be a better idea to get one or two very basic pay as you go phones that you can use but it doesn’t really matter if they get lost or stolen. 

Whatever kind of phone you take, it’s also worth investing in a portable battery charger. Most festivals have phone charging points but it’s useful to have your own device as well.


5. Your capsule wardrobe

The secret to festival success is not to overpack your clothes. You really don’t need much at all. And remember, everything you take you will need to carry and find somewhere to store. 

We would suggest:

  • A couple of changes of day clothes, suitable for the weather;
  • Fleece or sweater for the evenings (which could double as a pillow if needed);
  • Warm pyjamas;
  • Underwear.


And if you or anyone in your party has a car, it’s a really good idea to leave a small bag of dry clothes in there. If there is bad weather and everything else gets wet, it’s great to have a supply of clean dry clothes to get changed into. 


6. Personal hygiene

Another area where many people overpack is toiletries and cosmetics. At a festival you really don’t need that much at all, mostly because there will be very few opportunities to make use of them. Bathroom facilities will be very limited so you only need mini versions of essential toiletries, supplemented by festival staples such as dry shampoo and baby wipes. 

Also remember to take:

  • Basic first aid essentials eg painkillers, antiseptic cream, plasters;
  • One or two towels;
  • Toilet rolls.


7. Eat well for less

There will be numerous food stalls at the festival, but it can become very expensive to use them all the time. So it’s a good idea to take a few basic provisions with you to be able to supplement what you buy. Even if you don’t want to cook hot food, just having a few items for a light breakfast or lunch, or snacks and drinks throughout the day, could save you a lot. 

A few ideas for food to take are:

  • Tins : fish, meat, beans, salad;
  • Small boxes of cereal;
  • Energy or cereal bars;
  • Rice cakes or crackers;
  • Mixed nuts;
  • Dried fruit;
  • Apples;
  • Oranges;
  • Bananas.


8. Keep hydrated

It’s important to keep well hydrated during the festival or you may feel unwell. Your main source of hydration should be water, and most festivals will have water stations to refill your water bottle for free. Also consider mixing electrolyte tablets or powder with your water for an energy boost. Coconut water is another great natural source of electrolytes. 

Many other drinks – including energy drinks, fizzy drinks or fruit juices – have a high sugar content so be careful not to overdo those. Similarly, coffee or tea can provide fluid and a quick energy boost, but the caffeine in them can also have a diuretic effect, which leads to increased fluid loss.


9. Stay safe

Always be aware of your personal safety, and that of your friends. Festivals are densely packed with people, and unfortunately this means that there is the potential for things to go wrong. You may want to adopt some kind of buddy system when moving around different parts of the site or for nighttime bathroom visits. And, if you are particularly concerned, consider getting a personal alarm that will make a loud noise if you trigger it.

It’s also a good idea to always know where the nearest exit is in case you need to leave an area quickly. Above all, always trust your instincts. If something doesn’t feel right to you, don’t be afraid to take action to remove yourself from the situation.


10. Have fun!!

Once you have considered all the above top festival tips, and done what you need to do to prepare for the festival, the only thing left is to enjoy it and have fun! And you will be able to do this in a more carefree way once you are confident that all the practical stuff is in hand.

So relax and enjoy yourself with great music and friends old and new.


We hope that this article helps you to get festival-ready and have a great time when you get there. But if anything goes wrong and you urgently need extra money at any point, remember that Loans 2 Go offer emergency loans that may be able to help.

For more useful lifestyle and financial tips, visit us here again soon at Loans 2 Go.