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Hints & Tips: How to have more money in 2017!

Don’t just save it; make it! A guide to your 2017 cash injection…

So how is 2017 going so far for you? It is still early enough in the year to feel that a new beginning is possible. One of the areas that most of us would like to transform is our finances! So why not take another look at this before this year starts to race away?

First and foremost, if you have several existing loans and debts then it might be a good time to consolidate them all into one easy monthly payment by taking out a new unsecured loan and paying off everything else you owe. Having one single monthly payment to make clears the decks for you to start budgeting the rest of your money effectively.

No matter how much money you have, there is always the feeling that if only you had just a little bit more then you’d be able to manage your finances and not always feel that you’re struggling to make ends meet every month.

So how about actively seeking to release that elusive little bit of extra money each month? There are many creative ways you can do this without applying for an emergency loan, and it might just make the difference as to whether you sink or swim financially this year! Follow the Ten Top Tips below to make and save money during 2017:

1. Do your sums!
Make a clear budget of everything you need money for each month, and how much money you actually have coming in. Decide on the extra amount you need to raise each month so that you have a clear target to aim for.

2. Reduce your bills
Check carefully every bill you are paying and look for a better deal. Competition is fierce out there and you may well be able to save money on your household energy bills, TV/broadband and mobile phone. Contact other suppliers to see what they can offer then either switch to them or go back to your current supplier to see if they are prepared to offer you something even better to keep you as a customer.

3. Shop around
Now take a good look at your regular shopping bills: it’s time to reduce these down too. It’s easy to get into the same old shopping habits instead of shopping around. If you do a big weekly food shop then check out which supermarkets have offers on for the things you like to buy and shop there that week. Don’t be afraid to chop and change where you shop, to make it work for you. Make sure you sign up for loyalty cards from everywhere you shop regularly to benefit from this as well. Also be careful that you don’t buy too much: in the UK we waste so much food (and therefore the money spent on that food). Plan your meals and just buy what you know you will use – you can always top up during the week if needed.

4. Make vouchers your friend
There are many different sources of vouchers around, including in local newspapers and magazines, and from online subscription sites. The excellent website Money Saving Expert has an up to date list of voucher codes that is available to anyone. It is worth building up your own network of sources of vouchers because they really can save you money! Why pay full price when you can buy the same thing for less. Also check around the house to see if you have any unused gift vouchers around, as these often get forgotten! If you do a lot of online shopping then also look out for cashback schemes such as Quidco where you can earn back a percentage of the value of your shopping.

5. eBay
It’s always worth checking eBay when you are looking to buy something. You can find incredible bargains on there if you’re lucky. It’s also a great way of making a bit of extra money yourself. Others may be looking for things that you have and don’t need any more. Why not have a good clear out and start selling items on eBay on a regular basis. It can seem a bit of a hassle at first, but if you make it part of your daily routine and list items regularly it will soon become like second nature.

6. Sell sell sell!
Following on from the above, there are other ways of selling unwanted goods too. There are many online sites for specific goods such as CDs, DVDs and books. Also don’t forget the good old faithful car boot sale where you can sell (and indeed buy) pretty much anything. Some people take up car booting as a bit of a sideline – buying job lots of unwanted goods then selling them individually at car boot sales – so if this is your thing it could be your money spinner!

7. Get crafty
If your home needs a bit of a facelift but you can’t afford new furniture then how about having a go at upcycling? You can transform items of furniture that you already have – or that you can pick up cheaply at car boot sales – into something quite unique and fresh. Just take a browse around sites like Pinterest to get you started with ideas. You may even develop a flair for this and start to take orders from friends and family: another potential sources of additional income.

8. Freecycle
From upcycling to freecycling, there is a lot of stuff out there for free! Why not take a look at your local freecycle site to see what people are giving away and you may find just the thing you are looking for: the only cost to you being that you’ll need to go and pick it up. Whether it’s an immediately usable item or one that needs a bit of upcycling work it’s better than spending a small fortune in a store.

9. Swap Shop
Another great way of saving money is to swap things or favours with friends. We all have things we don’t need but don’t just want to sell to a stranger. But perhaps there are things in this category that you would be happy for a friend to have and you have something of theirs in return. You’ve always loved that old handbag of her grandmother’s that she never uses but can’t bear to get rid of …. and she’d love to use your old baby cot instead of buying a new one. Job done! Also look into trading skills with friends: could your hairdresser friend do your hair for free if you cater their next children’s party?

10. Somebody out there needs you!
What skill do you have that you’re not using? Do you have a bit of extra time on your hands in which you could make some more money? It’s worth making the effort to supplement your income even if only on an occasional basis. Whatever your thing is – seasonal bar work, hospitality/exhibition work, babysitting, temporary office work, admin or creative work from home, cleaning, gardening – there are opportunities out there if you go looking.

We hope that the above tips help you get in control of your finances this year, and that 2017 is your best financial year yet!

*All figures and rates correct at time of writing