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The Best Month to Travel & Quick Loan to Pay for the Holiday!

The summer holiday season is almost upon us, and brings with it a pressure to get a holiday sorted.   Many families take holidays in the summer because of school holidays, but for those of us with more flexibility, it can pay to work out when is the best month to travel to the destination of our choice.

The best month to travel will depend on various factors to do with your destination. For example it is worth finding out:

  • Usual climate
  • Any specific weather predictions
  • Public holidays in the country
  • Special events in the country
  • Busy tourist times in the country

Once you have narrowed down some of the best times to travel, it is then important to think about the relative costs.  For example, if the country you want to go to is a good place to visit – for all the above reasons – in both March and September, you then need to find out which month would be cheaper.

The website Skyscanner enables the user to search for holidays using a  ‘cheapest month’ option.  You can use this to compare the most cost-effective rates for every aspect of your holiday, including flights, hotel, and car hire.

Once you have determined the cheapest month to travel to your chosen destination, the best idea is to get everything booked early, as you are then likely to be able to get cheaper prices on airline seats – which tend to increase in price nearer the time of travel.  But what do you do if you haven’t quite got the money to pay for it?   If you are not planning to travel for a few months but need to pay for flights now to secure the best price, you can be left with a funding gap.

One option is to take out a quick loan to pay for your holiday.  If you’d planned to put money aside each month anyway to pay for your holiday later, it’s just a case of doing things the other way round i.e. use the loan to pay for your holiday upfront then pay the loan back each month.

A quick loan from Loans 2 Go really is a quick loan!  As soon as your loan is approved, our aim is to get the money into your bank account in as little as 60 minutes! (Subject to our working hours of Monday to Friday: 8am to 8pm and Saturday 8am to 4pm.)    This means that you are not going to miss out on that holiday deal you’ve been searching for.   You can then pay back the loan month by month, knowing your booking is secured, and enjoy looking forward to your dream holiday.

So once you have found the best month to travel to your chosen destination, if you need to pay money upfront then get in touch with us at Loans 2 Go to discuss a quick loan; we will do our best to help you have the holiday of a lifetime!

*All figures and rates correct at time of writing