Excellent Credit

An excellent credit rating can speed up your access to fast loans!

Even when you are managing your money well and have an excellent credit score, there may still be times when your finances need a boost.

Sometimes life just happens, and you’re faced with an unexpected bill that you are not in the position to pay. For example, car repairs, home improvements, replacing a boiler or kitchen appliance, or perhaps a bill for vets’ or dental treatment.

At times like these, a fast loan could be the answer to your financial dilemma. This is where Loans 2 Go can help.

We offer personal loans from £250 – £2000, repayable over 18-24 months. You can make your loan repayments in either monthly, weekly or fortnightly instalments, whichever suits you best.

There are no charges to set up the loan, and also no charges if you decide to repay it back early.


Loans 2 Go eligibility criteria

Our personal loans are available to you whether you are a homeowner, tenant, or live with your parents.

You also need to be:

  • At least 21 years old.
  • Currently employed with a regular income.
  • Resident in the UK
  • The holder of a UK bank account and debit card .

As part of the loan application process we will do some simple credit and affordability checks, but because of your excellent credit we would not anticipate any problems with this for you.


How to apply for a Loans 2 Go loan

Loans 2 Go is a direct lender which means that the loan application process is simple and straightforward. You apply directly to us online and we make our lending decision without involving anyone else.

There are three simple steps in the loan application process:

  1. Click Apply Now then use the buttons to select how much you want to borrow. 
  2. Enter your information into the online application form and send it to us.
  3. You will receive an instant decision from us and, if approved, you can expect to see your money in your account within 15 minutes.

If you prefer to discuss your application in more detail, you can either call us on 0330 400 6000 or email us at hello@loans2go.co.uk. 

We look forward to hearing from you and hope that a Loans 2 Go loan will be just what you need to sort out your current financial situation and keep your excellent credit rating intact.